TMI Tuesday-sex work, sex blog and sex

1. Hi there. Tell us about your job and what you do?

If you read my dearly departed blog at all you know that I am a porn clerk. That’s what a degree in sociology leaves you qualified to  do.  At the most basic level I am a cashier, salesperson and babysitter. I also need to act as a sex therapist and bartender of sex and porn. I hear all about the personal lives and problems ( usually sexual but not always) of half the customers that walk into my store. I try to stay up to date on reviews of sex toys and to know at least something about as many kinks and fetishes as I can so I know what I’m talking about. I play a  sexual matchmaker  (a volunteer pimp if you will) letting certain customers know if there is somebody in the arcade or theater they might be interested in. Oh… And a constant aspect of my job is to keep thieves from stealing and to kick out the troublemakers.
2. What piece of advice would  give to a co-worker?

Don’t be an asshole. So many porn clerks have really dickish attitudes immediately treating customers like disgusting pervs just because they are in their store . I won’t go back to a place because of the bad attitude of a porn clerk.


3. What 2 pieces of advice would you give to a new blogger?

If you’re doing this to make money, you’ll be rich in no time! Or not.

A. If you plan on having adult content, especially pictures or videos you should get your own domain name and self host your blog. I lost two years worth of writing because WordPress suddenly took an interest in what I was posting and kicked me off because i violated their decency rules.

B. Comment on other people’s blogs in a meaningful way, take part in any memes you find interesting and find a way to interact with other bloggers in your community. I’m still just learning that one.
4. What 1 piece of advice would you give to a veteran blogger–someone blogging for more than 3 years?

It really means a lot when you take an interest in us little guys when you comment because your advice and interest is always really appreciated. For example a top blogger in the sex blogging community is  Molly of Mollys Daily Kiss. She has given me some very good blogging advice and she also included me in her top 5 of the week on her Sinful Sunday meme  for a Pic I took which I am very proud of.
5. What do you hope visitors to your blog see, take away, feel or learn?

Usually my goal is to make them laugh if it’s something I’ve written. I’ll also accept hard, wet, or creeped out. I’m working on improving my finished product so reader aren’t left just scratching their heads.

6. Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best?

I was let go from my last porn clerk job when the store closed but found another job as a porn clerk the next day in a much less stressful environment. So whew!

Bonus: What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

I was recently fucked by a radioactive pervert and now I have x-ray vision and my cock shoots this sticky webby stuff that you do not want to get in your eye.

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You wanna go to a porn store?

In my city if you want to run out to the nearest sex shop you have plenty  of options and you won’t have to travel far. It might even be within walking distance. I live in a very sexy city. or Is it a  slutty city? Either way we have plenty of sex shops.
We have oodles of them. We also have the most strip clubs pet capita  than anywhere in the country and we got voted kinkiest city by one website or another.
 If you’re nervous about going to “one of those places”  you need to relax. and maybe get out more often. Come down from your beautiful pink castle once in a white princess. Jesus.
For now we can skip the scary and  go to a high end female centric, all inclusive, politically correct sex positive safe space  sexual wellness boutique. Here you can shop for vegan lube, take a class on sexual touching  and buy lesbian porn made by actual  lesbians. Won’t that be nice to she bop to while sipping on non caffeinated herbal tea later?
 we would have to go while it’s still light outside. A shop like that won’t be open at 3am, and it’s not the kind of place one goes to suck a little cock .you don’t go there to suck a  big cock either. Or a black cock or a cock of indeterminate ancestry fort that matter.You don’t go here to suck cock of any length or thickness or nationality or gender. You just don’t suck cock here period pervert.
You could almost describe the vegan women’s collective all natural granola not so nasty shop as being family friendly, assuming your family members are all at least 18 with valid ID . I told you there was nothing to be afraid of. That was just like a visit to Times Square. Times Square with pink vibratiors.
You should know that not all sex shops are  created equal. Way down on the other end of the Porn store rainbow it looks more like the  Times Square of the 1970’s. The key word would be sleazy.
A  kid is standing out front feeling the effects of a recent shot of heroin. He bums a smoke from the dancer next door where a half hour private “dance” only costs you $100!  Across the street a bouncer breaks up a fight between two drunks at the strip club. This diverts  attention from you and you duck into a sex shop that is worlds apart from the first one.
You won’t find the same high quality sex toys  here but if you are interested in cheap porn look no further. DVD covers promise 6+ hours of fucking and sucking with titles such as “there’s a black man in my ass” and “mother’s eat cum too”.  But that’s not all. imagine getting not 1. Not 2. Not 3 but  4 movies for the low low price of $20!
Political correctness is thrown out the window when you walked through those doors.Transsexuals revert back to trannys. Little people star in exploitive midget porn and a recent new release is actually called “there’s a negro in my step daughter!” Obviously there’s no feminist porn in this establishment.
Chances are you probably aren’t here to buy porn or toys anyway. I bet you skip the store and go right back into the arcade where you do a little cruising to see who else has the same idea as you. What idea is that? You ask. you should know if it’s your idea but I’ll tell you anyway.
You’re probably here for the same reason as the spun out little tweaker and the guy with the wedding band on his finger. You’re hoping to find whatever it is that you’re looking for at the other end of the glory hole in one of these video booths. A dick, a mouth or even an ass. Plenty of guys are also hoping to find themselves a little pussy (or big pussy or black pussy yada yada). Good luck with that.
There are other places to find quick anonymous sex but for whatever reason most of these guys like the sleazy, “dangerous”  and unpredictable thrill they get from cruising at the sex shop.
 Until recently I worked as a porn clerk in one of the sleaziest nasty shops in town. I’m still a porn clerk and I’m still at one of the sleazier stores but times they are a changing.
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Two of the stores I worked for were recently bought and sold. We now have products I don’t have to be embarrassed to sell. We have some quality shit man. We have also added a porn theater  with better Porn to the mix. But with these amazing changes have also brought with them cameras. Lots and lots of cameras and microphones. The new owner for some reason doesn’t want me (not just me) having sex with customers while I’m on the clock. And I don’t. As much.
In this blog you will get a glimpse inside the ever changing porn store business as one store tries to keep up with the changing times. You may also learn way to much about my way to active sex life. We can talk about sex of the past as well as the changes constantly happening around the world of sex.
Be warned I will probably have a picture of myself naked, having sex or jerking off every Sunday, or as it’s known to sex bloggers sinful Sunday. You will probably even get to know the crazy fucked up, fucking hot, fucking not, fucking crazy fucks that come through my store everyday.
Until next time. Have fun not regrets.