There’s nothing to fear if he’s wagging his tail

  1. The February Photo Fest picture a day story was preempted  the last few days because of..   Because of Donald Trump,  yeah that’s the story.  I promise tho post multiple photos over the next couple of days do we might catch up.  Today however is a Sinful Sunday so that means just one (maybe 2) pictures.  If you’re interested  in the gay whore story horror story Chapter 1 is the best place to start.

Day 19 of MAD HOUSE

Little Shit, the unfortunately named accountant turned “puppy” who had become the property of the schizophrenic psychopath Gage woke with a start.

He had no idea what woke him up or where he was for one  brief colourful second.  But the aches and pains and overwhelming nausea brought him back to his new nightmare reality. He was  pretty confident the pain was a result of withdrawal from whatever drug Gage kept injecting into him.

Something else came  back to him.  Very briefly he remembered the events from last night that he  previously blocked.  When the impossibly unbearable memory flooded back his very efficient mind went to  work reblocking the realization.

“No,” Little Shit said out loud in an uncharacteristic act of bravery.  “I need to remember ”

  The mind is an incredible thing.  It knew the accountant playing a puppy could not handle the knowledge. His brain snapped. What took over  was pure animal instinct. He no longer cared what happens to himself and playing nice did not keep both of his sons safe.

He would track down the monster who did this and rip its throat out and devour his dead heart. 

The butt plug puppy tail he was wearing began to twitch. From a distance you might think this was a good sign. When you came close enough to hear the deep animal growl you would know Better.


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When you lie with dogs… photo Fest day 6

I swear this was ready to post by midnight but I fell asleep before posting it.  It’s still Monday somewhere dammit! If you are new to my serial horror saga I suggest you start with Chapter 1 it will make more sense.  And now for today’s edition.


When You Lie with Dogs

The accountant felt very stiff as he was waking up.  Literally every part of his body ached and he wanted to throw up.

“Oh that was a horrible nightmare” thought the part of his brain that wanted to pretend this was all a case of “it was  only a dream.”

But the cold dirty kitchen floor he was lying on and the wet  smelling mush he was currently face down in brought him cruelly back to his new reality.

I once was an accountant, but now I’m just a dog

The dog formerly known as an accountant for a conservative Christian non-profit was  now going exclusively by the dignified name of Little Shit. And judging by the taste in his mouth and the smell from his dog bowl he sure wasn’t getting the expensive dog food either.  This shit smelt like an old crab and a heavy flow day made a soup from last month’s abortion.

The previous night began to flood back into his conscience,.despite his best efforts to keep it buried.

Images of the previous nights horrors and probably whores

There were countless images of his new master giving him command after command in a bizarre”training” Session that incorporated  doses of sodomy as both a punishment and a reward.

There was also a woman present. Helpless victim or willing participant, he couldn’t say. Or maybe it was just her head.

If it hadn’t been her head somebody’s head figured prominently into the previous nights events.

Who knows,  he was really high from whatever the master injected him with.  I meant to capitalize Master when i thought it, I swear I did. Please don’t tell him, Little Shit silently pled, on the more than likely chance the master could read his thoughts.

There was one more memory.  It was about a choice he had made. That he was forced to make.  A seemingly impossible choice although it wasn’t because he Made it.  If he hadn’t, the outcome would have been twice As horrific. Dear God. He made a choice. But he couldn’t deal with that now. Right now he was getting sicker by the second and the only relief would come from another injection from his merciful master