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Day 14 of the MAD HOUSE  photo story. If your just starting the tale I would check out Chapter 1.


Hero didn’t stop to see what the fuck just happened.  As far as he could tell the German dude in the dress they called Mrs.  Garrett just saved his life.  Who she had saved him from Hero hadn’t a clue. Get could only assume the costume he had decided to wear was fooling enough people into thinking he was Gage that it inspired enough love and hate that was both so blessing and a curse.

The house was so big it would take days to search for Jill without help.  His best bet,  and the right thing to do would be to unchain that pathetic Cum Bucket and hope for the best.  Ge might know where Jill was being kept and lead him right to het.

Or he could literally stab Hero in the back.  And fuck him as he lay bleeding to death.  Such a lovely way to go.

Hero found the cellar stairs and decided to gamble big and let the fucker go.  There might be a chance he wasn’t suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.  A tiny one.

At first he thought maybe Cum Bucket was gone.  It was so dark he couldn’t make out anything.  Fortunately Hero was a pot smoker and he had a lighter in him.

Using the small flame Hero scanned the cavernous cellar.  He almost screamed when the ghostly light revealed Cum Bucket standing less than a foot in front of his face.

“Fuck me Christ!”, Hero screamed out,  before regaining his cool.  “Hey Buddy,  I told you I would come back and save you. Just lay back on the couch and let me find the right key.  It would be great if this time you didn’t try to get me murdered.”

Cum Bucket lay back as he was instructed but gave no sign about what he was thinking. There was something else different about him,  besides the fact that someone had put a dress on him since they last met.

“I just want to find my fiancée Jill and get the fuck–” Hero was interrupted by Cum Bucket making a Hyperion excitable sound of recognition,  and it sounded like he was saying the name Jill!

Pssst…wanna see some cock?

Well to bad. It’s fucking freezing. This is probably the only sinful Sunday picture all year that I’m not gonna be showing any cock. Cuz I like to whip my dick out. But not today folks. But I promise many more inappropriate, degrading,offensive and creepy pics in the new year.  Today C is for cold.

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Stocks and Bondage- the sinful Sunday photo of the week

     I was visiting a friend who works at a fake whore house. A fake whore house is one of those businesses that pretend to be massage parlours or provide lingerie shows that cost $100 for a half hour and you basically get a mutual masturbation show.

     The one she’s working at now is called exotic tan so you would expect them to have a tanning bed for a prop if for  no other reason.  they don’t even have one for a prop, but they do have a dungeon in the basement and I used it to take some pictures.

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Through the Looking-Glass – the Sinful Sunday Photo


Alice looked into the Strange World he saw reflected  in the Looking Glass.

It was so completely different than the way his world really looked that he knew it couldn’t very well be real.

The light was so clear and bright and terrifying.

“However is one expected to hide from the Jabberwocky or the Bloody Marys or even the annoying baby drinking bugs. Those slow stupid roaches were such failures at hunting that the only fluid they ever hoped to drink was from unattended babies.

Alice had recently lost a younger sibling to those pests, but if truth be told he hadn’t tried very hard to save it. Not really .

Alice wasn’t a stupid boy. the world reflected the looking glass wasn’t real. Not as real as The Mad Monk  fever he was undoubtedly suffering from as that was the only thing that could explain his current hallucination.

The only thing left to do was to find a high spot to lay where the centipedes wouldn’t eat him until after his brain had melted.


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First Love- the Sinful Sunday Photo

Remember that nauseous feeling in your stomach?

All that awful noise and pounding in your head anytime you were apart?

The desperate feeling of wanting them to stay with you forever knowing you would do anything to make that happen?

Everybody remembers their first love. I still have mine around here somewhere.


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Sinful Sunday- Isn’t it Romantic

Here is this week’s sinful Sunday entry . I told someone I was going to go light on the creepiness this week… So I guess I lied. I think I went the other way and upped the creep factor.



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