Down the Manhole- meet the pervs on on the most perverted gay phone sex line

I’m very curious about pretty much all things sexual. I especially love finding out about other people’s sex lives, secret fantasies, deep dark secrets and anything that can be described as kinky, fetish, perverted. Ok I’m a pervert. A pervert for other people’s perversions. Thats one of the reasons I sometimes like to call the Manhole. It’s a free phone sex line that is filled with weird wacky extreme sex talk. It’s a nation wide number so it’s not really the kind of venue that you would use to actually hook up with someone.

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Also you have to keep in mind that nearly 95% of what guys say on there is bullshit. It’s complete fantasy, or at least that has  been my general impression. From the 11 inch cocks to the stories about being pedophille priests you just have to assume it is all made up. So you shouldn’t get too excited or get yourself in a protector of the innocent cap on. When guys get high or in a certain mood they get off on talking about being the worst thing they can think about being. For example for a guy who was raised Christian the worst thing they can imagine being is a Satanist so you get a lot of “Hail Satan 666” talk from them. It might sound shocking but in fact, for me at least, is super boring.  It’s basically that same mantra said over and over again with some allegiances to the Dark Lord thrown in now and then. It’s the same with all the pedo, necro, rape etc. talk that comes up. I think for a lot of them it’s a way to get out their dark side and hopefully has no relation to who they are in real life. And it doesn’t hurt anybody.

Not everybody uses the line as a release to their dark sides though. Certain themes seem to pop up a lot. A lot of dudes like to talk about “bating with Albolene”. Bating is short for masturbatingand it ususlly implies that they are edging. Edging is when you jerk off for hours (or days)before you finally cum. And Albolene is a makeup remover which is creamy in texture that makes a cheap lube. I have no clue why that comes up as often as it does. But it does.

You also get a lot of guys who like to describe the measurement for every possiblle body part that can be measured. Those messages can go on for days. Those guys are usually into talking about body building and gaining muscle mass and shit like that.

Basically you call the line, record a greeting and start listening to messages. You can either send messages back and forth to each other or press 3 and go one on one in a live chat. The best part is that when you get bored or annoyed or horrified you can always hit another button and make a quick exit back to the main message board.

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I recorded a general sample of messages that I heard earlier tonight while on the line. Wanna read some? Here they go.

1.hey guys. masculine nudist masturbater here. Really horny here. Stripped down, totally naked stroking my hard 8 inch cock here. Into talking with other buddies doing the same. Into open masturbation, open nudity, being comfortable in our own skin. Definitely into body hair, pubic hair, just guys hanging out doing what guys do. I’m stripped down, stroking my dick and looking for other buddies doing the same.

2. Hi bi muscular guy here. 6″3′ 225. Looking for a young bi boy who can come over and fuck my wife’s pussy.

3. Hey guys. 23 yo college guy looking to chat. I’m 5’11” have blonde hair blue eyes. weigh 163. nice masculine body. nice tight bubble ass. 7 inches cut.Just want to talk to hot guys who know what they want and know how to get it. Lets talk.

4. yeah beefy hair muscle(bunch of measurements, arms, chest, dicks, thighs, calfs). love to wrestle for domination with other masculine guys. bare back.

5. yeah I’m really into dinosaurs. I want to get fucked by a dinosaur. I want a big t-rex cock deep inside of me. I want to travel back in time or visit Jurassic Park and get fucked by a dinosaur. I want a pterodactyl to swoop down from the sky and snatch me up and take me back to it’s nest and fuck the shit out of me. I just really love dinosaurs.

7. I’m a bottom. A nasty fucking pig bottom. I like to get wet wild, piss, spit. I’m into anything anonymous, bathrooms, glory holes, rest areas. Just sitting back and stroking my cock. message me guys.

8. Just did a big hit. Slammed my morals away. My 8 inch cock is rock hard and leaking pre cum thinking about bonding with another perv, pedo, dad, bi guy. no limits, the nastier, kinkier more perverted the better.

9. I would like to talk about an obsession I have with a friend of mine. His name is (man’s name). Lets get behind closed doors and talk

10. Hi I’m candy. I’m a very passable transexual teenager. I’m looking for a daddy to put me over his knee and use my wet pussy anyway he wants to.

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There you have it. A small sample of the first ten messages I heard when I called the manhole this evening. I left out a lot of the measurements but you can trust that nearly every message included at least the guys cock size. Even candy included her cock size in her message. The dinosaur message was awesome. It was probably just a guy fucking around but it was one I had never heard before which is always a treat because often you hear the same guys using the exact same wording all the time.