fade to black: day 13 if feburary photo fest

Day 13 of February photo fest us upon us!  I took a couple of days off which is against the rules,  but I’ve been adding more than 1 photo per day so I feel justified.  If your new to the story check out Chapter 1.

Day 13 of MAD HOUSE


Hero put thoughts of trying to save Cum Bucket out of his mind and instead went exploring the great house. It wasn’t long before he found what he assumed was Gage’s master suite/ playroom.  Luckily the keys he found on the floor of the androgenous German (yes he’s German  did I forget to mention that?)  Housekeeper Mrs Garrett’s room allowed him to get inside.

Hero searched the room yet found nothing that might lead him to his missing fiancee.  He did find a gigantic closet full of costumes.  It really did seem like this theatrical maniac rarely wore normal street clothes.

Deciding it might be a good idea to put on a Gage costume in case any members of the staff saw him,  he put on a mask and the least revealing thing he could find.

Hero exited the costume department and made his way to the exit,  confident he could pass for Gage as long as he didn’t need to speak.

Unbeknownst to him he was being watched closely by a fellow mask wearer.

As Hero reached the exit the person following him got close enough to stab him with a pair of scissors,  if that’s what he wanted to do.  It turns out thsts exactly what he wanted to do.

It all happened so fast but the rooms only light source seemed to explode sending sparks showering down on Hero and his would be attacker before plunging them into total darkness.

Hero most definitely would have been stabbed by the attackers scissors had a third-party not intervened. There was a scuffle and a shot rang out. Hero turned to see what was happening but a loud androgynous German voice shouted “no sir! get out of here! you don’t want to see this!”

Without questioning what was probably a gift horse Hero exited stage right. ”

This has been a part of February Photo Fest.