A quicky with a redhead in the porno theater

Last week a pretty cute guy was in messing around in the arcade and theater.he was telling a regular how cute he thought I was and I love it when people think I’m cute.
I recognized him from a hook up about ten years ago. It wasn’t all that great but neither were the circumstances.whenever he was in the store we would exchange (corny expression in 3…2…1) fleeting glances.When he left I went out for a smoke and just kind of obviously watched him.

About an hour later he came back.We got to talking. We went out back to smoke because there are no cameras on the back porch. We got to making out and feeling each other up. It was hot. I haven’t had a good old fashioned make out session with a guy in who knows how long.
The other day he showed back up at work and went into the theater. Her was the only one in there and it was a slow day. I wentt back there to  “change the garbage bag” and he was naked on a couch with a hard on.It wasn’t big but it wasn’t small either. It was probably 6.5 inches and on the thin side.The kind of cock that was made for face fucking.It was substantial enough to do the job but not so thick that it was going to gag me or cut off my oxygen.
I climbed up into his lap and we started making out. He tried taking off my shirt but I didn’t have the luxury off getting naked.I was sucking his dick when I heard the bell on the front door ring.
When I walked into the store I recognized the customer. He comes in once a week when he is coming into town to see a stripper he has a crush on. His dog recently died and I felt bad for him. He always spends about a half hour shopping for movies and then buys a couple of the big expensive probes or dildos. He regularly spends about $150 and he was just getting started looking at the movies so I figured I could leave him alone for five minutes and he wouldn’t steal or need any help so i went back in the theater.
I started kissing the cute little redhead and he wrapped his legs around my waist unbuttoning my pants. I stood up while holding him and my pants dropped to the ground. I wasn’t wearing underwear and my cock was sticking straight up. I lowered him to the ground and lay him down on the rug.He grabbed my dick and placed the head against his hole. The heat from his ass felt so a good on my cock as I pushed  most of the way inside of him. He must have been pre lubed or he already  had a load of cum in his ass because there was no resistance. That’s the way I like it. I know everybody thinks a guy wants to Fuck a tight virgin, and that can be exciting, but I prefer fucking an ass that doesn’t fight back. I love it when i can pull my cock all the way out and then slam it back in without ever having to use my hand to help guide it.
I fucked him for a few minutes, alternating between looking at his facial expressions and kissing him deep ands hard. I could feel myself getting ready to cum when I heard a  knock at the theater door. It was to late too stop now. I had already reached the point of no return. I came hard, pulled out and started zipping up my pants  while my dick was still shooting the last of my load. I kissed the red head and told him we would play again
I went out into the store, slightly out of breath and with cum running down my leg and started chatting with my customer.