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Day 12 of MAD HOUSE 

“You’ve Been a Very Bad Lady Boy”

Hero spent much of the night trapped under the bed of the lady boy housekeepers bed listening to the most depraved acts.  He actually fell asleep for a while only to be awaken by loud smacking sounds.  Apparently Mrs.  Garrett,  or whatever his name is,  needed taught a lesson  for what a dirty slut she had been that night.  Hero was glad somebody would be punished for the things he had been forced to listen to.

  • Finally it all came to a welcome end when Gage announced he and his human dog,  Little Shit needed to go a few towns over where Gage had a very special surprise for his new pal that would be really neato,  with the bonus of keeping the former accountant in line.

Gage and Little Shit left and Mrs. Garrett began snoring loudly soon after. As Hero began to slip out from under the bed he noticed a set of keys that Gage must have dropped during the hot oil wrestling portion of the nights festivities. Hero pocketed the keys and snuck out the door.

He could probably unlock that fucking snitch Cum Bucket and set him free so that Gage  could not finish the job of killing the pathetic fucker or he could just let fate take care of the tragic clown.  What to do?

Sit BooBoo Sit. Good Dog- photo fest day 5

Quick note.. 4 days into this blogging challenge I decided to make a story with the images as well as with words and that it would be , like the name of my blog suggests, a gay whore / horror story. So I added text to those first posts that didn’t have them previously and turned this into a continuing story. If you care about the story there’s no better place to start than Chapter 1 now on with the show


Previously Gage, the sadist wearing all leather and a ever expanding variety of masks, had begrudgingly put punishing Cum Bucket on hold in order to deal with the new dog.

“Come on Little Shit” Gage unlocked the cage, “Let’s go outside and go potty. Hurry up!”

“Like I’ve repeatedly told your, uh, wife,” Little Shit crawled out of the , cage and attempted to stand up,”I believe there’s been some sort of mix up. My name is Arthur Cave. I’m an accountant, I don’t know who this Little Shit is but I believe he would be more suited to play this role than I–ughh!”

One of Gage’s BIG heavy work boots was making contact with Little Shit’s rib cage sending him sprawling across the floor and most importantly off his hind legs (well, just legs I guess). One of Gage’s BIG heavy work boots was making contact with Little Shit’s rib cage sending him sprawling across the floor and most importantly off his hind legs (well, just legs I guess).
“I’ll say this once So consider this your first and final warning” Gage explained in an eerily even tone. ” You are Little Shit 3.  I’m your master and owner and I want to love you as unconditionally as you love me.The lady little shit had a real bad end,  and I miss him and need you to be him right now.

You need tho be my Good boy. Good boys get treated real good. You can  sleep in my bed and curl up at my feet and when in high enough you get to lick peanut butter off my balls.

You also get fed and when you are very good you get your shots.  Quicker than you think is possible you’ll do just about anything for one of your shots. Trust me on that one.

Bad dogs who try to talk and walk and run off like a stupid human get it bad. Not only do you get castrated so you don’t have any bad pups, but you get a worse punishment.

This is my favorite part,  so listen up. Bad dogs who keep talking and acting and escaping like a stupid human get castrated so that they don’t have pups . and the pups that they used to have will get a nasty visit from a real life monster. Do you think Bobby and Billy have a chance against a real monster?  Don’t doubt for one second that I am truly a monster and Only a piece of shit would sic me on his children.
. So, now you have avery big decision to make. Are you going to be a good boy ,Little Shit or are you just a piece of shit?”.

The accountant may not have understood why or how his life had taken such a dramatic turn but clearly this was about more than him. Would he chose to be brave the one time it mattered?

“I’m Little-” he started to say but caught himself ,hopefully in time. Instead he put his paws in the air as if to beg for his children’s safety.


Gage let out a childlike “hurrah!” As he strapped a, black puppy mask on Little Shit’ s head. “That’s a good boy. You’ve earned this” he praised Little Shit as he pulled out a needle and injected him.

“Of course you’ll still be punished for those two Human words that just came out of your mouth, i was clear about that but because I love you I promise I will only make that visit to one of your puppies. I’ll even let you choose which one it will be. Think on that and let me know when you wake up.”


‘Chained up, dick out”- February Photo Fest, day 1

February Photo Fest has begun. This is a blogging challenge in which you post at least  erotic type pic a day.I’ve decided (3 days in) that if want my photos to tell a story. So I went back and I’m creating a story using the pics I already posted and hopefully readers week go back and read this do it makes sense. On with our story… ( after this the story part will probably be much shorter than this set up)

Chapter 1.

 on the third day of watching  the house I finally got a break when a car pulled out of the garage and drove away.

I managed to break a window in the cellar and climb into the house. I didn’t know how long he would be  away or if there were others in the  house, but I couldn’t wait any longer. The last time  anyone had seen my fiancé she had gone into this fucking place and if the police weren’t going to do anything I would.

There was a dim light in the corner of the cellar and that’s when I knew all the rumors I’d heard about this place were true.  There was a  chained up and half-naked man on an old couch.He had a freaky white mask over his face. Jesus Christ, the mask was fused onto his skin.


Before I could slip back into the shadows he saw me and began to make muffled grunting noises. I couldn’t understand the words but he  was obviously pleading for help.

“Sorry man I’m not here for you” I whispered. I was here for Jill.

“I’ll send help for you once I find my fiance.”I didn’t have time to help him and when the man came back I didn’t want him to know I’d been here. When he realized I wasn’t going to rescue him he began thrashing around banging his chains together.


“Are you trying to get me caught,  you piece of shit?” I asked incredulous as we heard a door open and shut upstairs.

The man was back.