Stocks and Bondage- the sinful Sunday photo of the week

     I was visiting a friend who works at a fake whore house. A fake whore house is one of those businesses that pretend to be massage parlours or provide lingerie shows that cost $100 for a half hour and you basically get a mutual masturbation show.

     The one she’s working at now is called exotic tan so you would expect them to have a tanning bed for a prop if for  no other reason.  they don’t even have one for a prop, but they do have a dungeon in the basement and I used it to take some pictures.

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dramatic much?

it was warm at first. I remember that much. an overwhelming …oh that’s a big word. hehe. an over…over something. I forgot what I was saying. it used to be warm. it’s not anymore. I think I’m going away somewhere. is my dick hard. of course it is. let it enjoy itself. I think I already left.



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My Stalker is Blind in his Right Eye



My stalker is blind In his right eye.

His right eye works just fine. It sees everything I do.

When I shower.

When I fuck.

When I do the dishes.

He doesn’t see anything I don’t want him to see.

He makes a good alibi when I need one.

Once he saw something he shouldn’t have seen. That’s why he had to go blind in his right eye.

You could argue that it wasn’t fair that his right eye had to suffer for something it had no choice but to see.

He did. Made that argument I mean.

I need an argumentative stalker like I need my non consensual sex giver to make love to me.

Which is to say I don’t.


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First Love- the Sinful Sunday Photo

Remember that nauseous feeling in your stomach?

All that awful noise and pounding in your head anytime you were apart?

The desperate feeling of wanting them to stay with you forever knowing you would do anything to make that happen?

Everybody remembers their first love. I still have mine around here somewhere.


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Sinful Sunday- Isn’t it Romantic

Here is this week’s sinful Sunday entry . I told someone I was going to go light on the creepiness this week… So I guess I lied. I think I went the other way and upped the creep factor.



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