CAUGHT! in a web of my own making

I originally posted this last Sunday until I realized it was prompt week and the prompt was about not using any words. being that this post is full of words i quickly posted something else. And then after America shamefully proved its own stupidity I changed the words a bit. the trap in my first draft was sex and drugs and I was the prey…but it’s different now….like I said I changed it a bit.

The spider spins its web and then sits back and admires its work. It doesn’t mean to brag, it thinks bragging is for those of questionable character like the new president, but this new trap is a work of unquestionable genius. It just is.

It’s experimented  with different webs, nothing like the ones it grew up making. It doesn’t think it’s mother would approve of its use of bait, but she wouldn’t have been able to argue with the results.

It creates a different web for each victim , which is easy once it knows  its victims weakness. It was far more ambitious this time. The bait for its masterpiece includes  anger, hate and fear. Make it all reek of money and ego and …BINGO. It’s prey discovers too late what it was leaping into with such enthusiasm. the spider made no attempt to disguise the web and it’s sinister purpose. The prey made its own choice. They made their own choices. They deserve what they get.

They won’t get out now


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