Just an Ass – Photo Fest day 2

It’s day 2 of February Photo Fest.  Here is your 2nd photo and chapter 2 of the story. If you haven’t read Chapter 1 you might want to.

Chapter 2 of MAD HOUSE

Whoever had come in through the front door immediately  opened the Cellar door and started coming down the stairs.

I quickly hid behind a stack of boxes as I heard the heavy thud of work boots reach the bottom steps.  Would the guy in the mask Rat me out because I didn’t rescue him or would he help me out for his own sake?

From where i was hiding I saw the man enter the room.  He was dressed in some sort of gay leather get up.

I made eye contact with the masked prisoner,  at least I think he is a prisoner.  It could just be some sex pervert. I willed him not to give me away. Please don’t give me away.

The sex pervert smiled.  Even with his face hidden beneath the Mask I knew he wss smiling,  the son of a cunt. Then he began making those animalistic grunts and screams of his. He gave me away.

“Shut the fuck up cum bucket,” the man growled, walking over to a set of drawers in the room.  I could only see the back of him, and he wasn’t paying any attention to Cum bucket, who started making more noise,  begging to be listened to.

I pulled out my blade in case the leather daddy freak did start showing cum bucket some attention.

Mr. Gay Leather grabbed the first thing within reach, a hammer,  and hurled it at cum bucket, who made a yelping sound when The hammer hit the side of his head, shutting him up fast.

Mr Leather pulled a mask out of the drawer and put it on,  completely covering his head and face.

I shifted my weight causing the floor to creek slightly,  and this is what Mr Gay Leather paid attention to….

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