About me and my blog

Some of you might remember me as Mcpervy from my last blog The Porn Clerk Chronicles. That blog was ripped off of WordPress and blown into a thousand pieces for going against the laws of God… Well the decency rules of WordPress at least.

Well now I’m back From outer space

You should have changed that stupid lock

You should have made me leave the key

Anyway. . I’m still a porn clerk, but the store has a different owner who has actually put up cameras. Lots of cameras and microphones. So there won’t be quite as much sex happening during my shifts. I didn’t say it was not going to be happening, because an amateur sex addict always finds a way.

So there will be plenty of whore stories. But I’m also combining an element of horror and olds pulp fiction.  You will see that in the sinful Sunday pictures and in the gay erotic horror I’m working on.

I love feedback. I also love people to join in. I’m always working on some video project or another. Please go explore.