twin clowns fuck pornstars in graveyards

my fuck-it list

  1. have sex with twins.


  1. have sex with triplets


3.have sex with a hot well proportioned little person


4.have sex at work


5have sex at work with an audience

6.join the mile high club


7.have sex at Disneyland. or Disneyworld


8. make a dirty home porn that makes you notorious in certain sleazy parts of the internet

  1. have sex with a real father and son or real brothers where they do stuff with each other that would make Thanksgiving and other family get togethers very uncomfortable. with a local celebrity with a real celebrity


  1. go to a real orgy. not a sex party with less than 10 people. not at a bathhouse with an audience. a real 20+member orgy


13.have sex with my twin. being that I do not have a twin the best I can hope for is a look a like or a clone.

14.have sex with a porn star or porn actor. somebody who has been in a real professional porn.

15.have sex with porn star Damon Dogg who lives in my city


16. get paid for sex a professional whore if only for a short time

18.appear in a Treasure Island or Damon Dogg produced porn

  1. sex in a graveyard


  1. sex on the hood of a car somewhere public


  1. sex on the street in public like at Folsom


  1. have a naked pie fight that leads to sex in the naked pie fight mess


  1. sex with a furry dressed as a furry


24. clown sex


  1. add more things to my fuck-it list until I have 69 things on my fuck-it list.

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