A goodbye blow job

A cool regular who I have regularly swapped blow jobs with stopped by today to say goodbye. He is moving.

I would go in the arcade to really clean a booth that happened to be the booth next to his and that’s how that worked.

Today there were to many people in the arcade. The cleaning rouse wasn’t an option. I was standing on the back porch smoking when he arrived.

There were no cameras at the back door.

I don’t think any cameras pointed at the back door.

There were no customers in the store.

I stood on the back steps, while he was a couple of steps above me. The door blocked anyone on the street from viewing us . His cock was hard through his shorts.

I pulled his cock out of his shorts. He had a very impressive cock.  I was pretty sure I was off camera so I put my mouth on his dick. Because of the position I want able to take it down my throat, but I did everything else i could to make him feel good.

After a couple of minutes he came in my mouth. I can still taste his cum in my mouth.

Sex Log 7-15-16- A Tale of Two Quickies

# of hookups Friday July 15….2

#1: I’m out on the steps at work smoking. My favorite regular “Phil Banks” (because he looks a lot like the dad from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) pokes his head out of the theater. “Come back here”

I’m busy doing something online and I want to finish smoking so I tell him it’s going to be a few minutes.

“You better come back here right now,” he warns me.

I go use the bathroom first to make sure my junk is clean. It probably is but I wash in the sink anyway. It’s been a hot fucking day. There are a few customers in the arcade but the store is empty. I head over to the theater door and step inside.

It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the mostly dark room. There is a naked figure standing a few feet away and Phil Banks is sucking his cock. The guy is in very good shape, He’s also very handsome with salt and pepper hair from what I can tell. He has just the right amount of chest hair, a nice ass and a hard average sized cock… Probably 6 inches and on the slender side.

I watch for a minute, I don’t usually jump right in or on somebody unless I get some signal that it’s OK. I get down on my knees and my friend let’s me have a turn with the guys dick. I put it in my mouth and start sucking on it. He immediately starts making noises telling me he likes it. He really starts to moan when I’m licking on his balls.

I let Phil have the hot guy’s  cock back and I put my face and then tongue on his ass. He really let’s me know he likes it.

I hear the bell on the front door ring and get up to go attend to the customer.

“I got this” my friend gets up and goes into the store to check on whoever walked in.

Me and the hot guy embrace. I’m sucking and nibbling his neck and he’s unbuckling my belt and my shorts fall around my ankles.

He wants fucked.

The theater door is open a crack and anybody walking into the arcade could potentially poke their heads in and see us. Sometimes that’s Hot, but not while I’m at work and it could be any tattle tale. I rub my dick between his ass cheeks but I’m slightly on edge and am not getting fully hard.

To his credit the hot guy doesn’t pressure me or put out impatient vibes. He just pulls me close and strokes my cock. He puts me at ease and turns me on. I get hard.

Phil comes back to tell me the last customer went straight to the arcade and another guy is using the bathroom and he’ll cover me.

I’m getting pretty intimate with the hot guy. We don’t kiss, but our mouths are everywhere else. He goes down on his knees and gives me one hell of a blow job.

A couple minutes in and I feel like I might be able to Cum . Phil comes back inside and watches as the hot guy brings me closer to orgasm. I’m close but sometimes it’s hard fort me to cum and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. I’m wrong.

He brings me to the point of no return and I sit down on the couch just before I blow s load right into dudes very talented mouth.

I don’t have time to recuperate so I pull my pants up and thank him. He wanted fucked but he doesn’t let on that he’s disappointed. He’s probably an amazing bottom, especially if we had more time. I hope we get another chance.

Looks- B+


Passion -B

Overall grade-B

Hook-up #2

I’m waiting after work for my friend to bring me my pick up. I visit with my new co worker between cruising in the arcade.

A guy walks in and is giving me lots of eye contact. He’s kind of good looking. Small frame and maybe short reddish hair. I’m ambivalent about him and go smoke outside.

When I come back inside i pass by him in the arcade. Eh, why not? I step into as booth and he follows me in. We start unbuckling each other’s pants.  I had just taken another whore bath and the front of my jock strap is s little wet.

He asks If I’ve wet myself and I tell him no. He goes down and gives meet a blow job but i never get fully hard.

I switch places and start sucking his dick. It’s not very big either. He asks if I’m kinky and I tell him I can be. He wants to know if I’m into piss and I tell him sometimes. When he offers to piss in my mouth I say no. When he asks if I like to eat a dirty butt I immediately say no.

He says he is going to cum soon. He cums. I get a little in my mouth and pull back. I get the rest in my face. Her thanks me and leaves. I find a towel to wipe my face.



Taste of cum-D

Overall grade- automatic F for asking me to eat his dirty ass.