A Little Advice on Cock Rings

Never use a cockring that can’t quickly be released by unsnapping or stretching it off. I of course almost never take my own advice and had one of those fucking metal ones stuck on me for the last 10 hours. It wasn’t so tight that it cut off the circulation, but my shit did not want to squeeze through there.

Not my cock,  but I can empathize 

How many horrible awful situations have I gotten my poor dick into and thought there was no way out where it almost came down to out tearful goodbyes?

There was the 36 hour hard on that required surgery and I was told it might never work again (thankfully it still works and came out of that crisis bigger and better than ever).

Then there was the time last year when I got it stuck in a fucking zipper and when I was trying to get it out ended up going the wrong way and zipping it up even more. That left a Mark for a while.
It feels like there was one more I’m forgetting.
Plus all the countless times I’ve practically beat him to death or made him go somewhere nobody should ever have to go. I’ve got to start treating him much better. He’s earned that at least