Naked (ish) Scavenger Hunt– jerking it on a water tower

So me and a friend were in a semi abandoned park… The city doesn’t take care of it but people still use it and the homeless camp there. The old water reserved/water towers are still there although they are empty. We climbed under a ripped up part of fence and climbed the small towers. We ended up 69 ing up there where anybody the hold surrounding us could see. Here are s couple pics we took.

Masturbating on top of the abandoned water tower


Naked Scavenger Hunt– Ladder

Me and a sex friend climbed through a section of fence that had been pulled open at a park the city stopped taking care of. We passed several bicyclists on our way and found signs of homeless campus everywhere  by huge occasional bicyclist.. inside the fenced area were two water towers covered in graffiti. I pulled down my pants and climbed the ladder.



Scavenger Hunt – naked in front of a convienence store

If like to suggest a new location for the naked scavenger hunt, as didn’t really see an option to fit. On my way home from the naked bike ride on Saturday I got my picture taken naked in front of the 7/11.

I would have gotten many more pictures of many other places but me and my partner got separated ten minutes into the bike ride so I had no one to stop and take pictures at the various places. I did get a few and her I’d the one I hope gets a new location… convenience store.