Fuck my Mangina and other Gross Sex Words

Ok the only time I’ve ever heard a guy’s hole referred to as a mangina was by a drag queen and on the box of an unfortunately named sex toy we sell at my work. In case it’s not obvious I never want to hear “Fuck my mangina” while naked and sweaty with some guy. No  “eat my mangina,” “you’re  making my mangina wet,” or  “my mangina is taking over the world.” It’s a gross word that makes me feel gross. If you’ve really got to say something that means “my ass is my pussy” then just say pussy. That’s not really my kink but it doesn’t make me have to decide between laughing hysterically or throwing up.

What I’m saying that words and language are important. When used during sex words have the power to crank things up a few notches or take the other person (or persons, I don’t know how many people you’re talking dirty to at a time) completely out of the moment.

I may just be speaking for myself, which is the only one I’m ever really speaking for, but I don’t find the clinical names for body parts all that arousing either. That includes penis, vagina and anus. I’ve heard guys use those words as though those particular words turned them to say. I’ve also heard the words “hail Satan” and pedo used because they made person who spoke them feel sick and perverted so maybe using the proper names does something in a similar way. I don’t know but they aren’t sexy.

As bad as penis is pee pee and wiener are so so so much worse. Unless you are role playing as a very young child those words don’t work. They just sounds silly, but not good silly. Bad and gross silly.

While we are on the subject of words that turn me off. There is a whole family of words that some men use on phone lines and sometimes online that I find gross but they seem to use religiously like a manta or line of Scripture they grew up memorizing

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “big German helmet, thick veiny shaft, and low hanging balls.”  I don’t mean I’ve heard variations on that description. I mean heard that exact description hundreds of times, mostly on those phone sex chat lines. They must have all heard it used And liked it. Personally it brings up a very ugly dick and balls in my mind. The kind you don’t brag about.

I was reading a porn review in one of the industry magazines at work that seemed written just to make my boner go away. Far far away. While describing an anal sex scene the reviewer used the word poop chute, pooper,anus and I think maybe even the Hershey highway. The guy was obviously and not so secretly into scat.But I’m not. I don’t want to be reminded of the biological purpose for the butt hole while my mouth is down there. I suspect not that many people do, except of course for yo scat Queens out there. Those are not sexy words. Poop is the last, and I mean the very last thing I want to think about during anal sex. I think the reviewer had it out for someone involved in that project and was trying to tank the movie. In my case, it worked.

Use your dirty word wisely people. Use them wisely.