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I’ve been working on season 1 of my podcast that I’m doing with two female friends and former porn clerks called “SEX PARTY”. We get together once a week to drink and party a little while we talk about various sexual subjects and usually an interesting guest. We are almost done with the first season and will release it soon. I can’t wait. Topics we have discussed include: working at a porn store, sex & drugs, jerking off, fetishes, number of sex partners, fucking, bottoms, sluts, whores, gays, anonymous sex, relationships,etc. Etc. Basically anything and everything to do with sex. Stay tuned for the release. It’s going to be good.

A goodbye blow job

A cool regular who I have regularly swapped blow jobs with stopped by today to say goodbye. He is moving.

I would go in the arcade to really clean a booth that happened to be the booth next to his and that’s how that worked.

Today there were to many people in the arcade. The cleaning rouse wasn’t an option. I was standing on the back porch smoking when he arrived.

There were no cameras at the back door.

I don’t think any cameras pointed at the back door.

There were no customers in the store.

I stood on the back steps, while he was a couple of steps above me. The door blocked anyone on the street from viewing us . His cock was hard through his shorts.

I pulled his cock out of his shorts. He had a very impressive cock.  I was pretty sure I was off camera so I put my mouth on his dick. Because of the position I want able to take it down my throat, but I did everything else i could to make him feel good.

After a couple of minutes he came in my mouth. I can still taste his cum in my mouth.

My Stalker is Blind in his Right Eye



My stalker is blind In his right eye.

His right eye works just fine. It sees everything I do.

When I shower.

When I fuck.

When I do the dishes.

He doesn’t see anything I don’t want him to see.

He makes a good alibi when I need one.

Once he saw something he shouldn’t have seen. That’s why he had to go blind in his right eye.

You could argue that it wasn’t fair that his right eye had to suffer for something it had no choice but to see.

He did. Made that argument I mean.

I need an argumentative stalker like I need my non consensual sex giver to make love to me.

Which is to say I don’t.


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B Is For a Book Boner

Right away the title grabs my attention. Could this be a book about me? An unauthorized biography perhaps? Goddess knows there would be enough material and Wicked is what I would call it. Or maybe something like pervert or never enough cock. Just thinking about it is giving me a hard on. This Sunday I’m sitting down with a book and a boner and sinning smart.


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