Dirty Books-fun with Jones and West

Dirty Books-an erotic genre crossing perverse adventure


Chapter1… Fun with Jones and West

 In which we are introduced to our heroes and start our perverted adventure.


In the year 3013 the world as we know it has changed dramatically. After years of war, terrorist attacks and political upheaval much of the worlds population is controlled by an extremist religious political organization known as The Word. The Word is a brutally repressive theocracy whose ruling powers, the Neo Puritans, keep control through a mix of technology, magic and fear. Sex is outlawed and all reproduction  strictly controlled by the state through non sexual means. Reading is the only affordable means of entertainment to reach the masses, but anything sexual has been redacted.  A process called “proofreading” allows a select group of “editors” to venture into the living “world” of literature to keep anything forbidden off of the pages, preventing the public from being tainted by “dirty thoughts”

A sexual terror group known as S.C.R.E.W (Society to Corrupt and Resexualize the Entire World) has fought back. They intend to put their own agents, the Sex Offenders, into the book world to reintroduce as much filthy sex as they can

S.C.R.E.W’s latest attempt appears to have worked. Two sex offenders, Fucker Jones and Honey West have infiltrated the Central Library, killed two Editors and have taken their powerful E-Readers.


“We still don’t fully understand how these new Imperial E-Readers work so this may be the last time we see each other”. Honey pressed her strong, curvaceous body close to her long time fuck buddy and kissed him deeply.

Fucker Jones ran his rough hands down Honey’s back down to her delicious ass as the Puritan Editors started blasting though the barricades blocking the doors. Fucker allowed himself one last feel of the ass he was fucking only two hours earlier. He made himself pull away and activate his E-Reader.

Honey did the same and they each aimed the devices at separate books opened up on the table in front of them

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Fucker Jones said, preparing to dive into his book,” You’ll get to suck my cock again.”

“if you’re a lucky Fucker.” Honey West jumped into her book as she shouted the S.C.R.E.W motto “Fuck the World.” In an instant she was gone.


Fucker picked up her book and smiled when he saw the cover. “Dick and Jane go to College”. “That perverted bitch,” he said to himself. He opened the book briefly, spending time he didn’t have, and was proud to see she had already begun to change the text, and theoretically the world.

Dick and Jane tell Mother and Father goodbye.

Goodbye Mother.

Goodbye Father.


Jane makes a  new friend at school.

Jane’s new friend’s name is Honey.

Jane really likes Honey.

Honey really likes Jane.

Jane and Honey really like each other.


Jane is confused by the new feelings she has when she and Honey are together.

“Don’t be scared .” Said Honey “Don’t be scared Jane.”

Honey hugged Jane.

Jane hugged Honey.

Honey and Jane hugged each other.


“Now close your eyes Jane,” said Honey.

“Close your eyes and you will get a surprise.”

Jane liked surprises.

Jane closed her eyes.

Honey kissed Jane.

Jane is surprised.

Jane likes her surprise.


Honey put her tongue in Jane’s mouth.

Jane is very surprised.

“That is called French kissing,” said Honey.

“I like French kissing,” Jane said. “French kiss me again.”

Honey French kissed Jane again.

Jane French kissed Honey.

Honey and Jane French kiss..


Honey put her hand on Jane’s upper thigh.

Jane felt funny.

Jane felt good.

Jane felt funny and good.

Jane’s pussy felt wet.

Honey did things that made Jane’s pussy get wet.

Jane’s pussy got wetter and wetter.


“Did you like that Jane?” Honey asked.

“I did! I did!” Jane said. Jane clapped. Jane clapped for Honey.

“Where is Dick?” Honey asked. “I want to show Dick some fun things we can do together.”

Fucker Jones flipped quickly towards the end of the small reader.

“Turn around Dick,” said Honey. “Turn around Dick so I can peg you.”

“What is pegging?” asked Dick.

“I said turn around mother fucker so I can fuck your little virgin ass and make you squeal like a pig while your sister jerks off!” Honey said.

Back inside the library the Puritanical Agents blasted away more of the barricade and part of the door. Fucker Jones quickly put Honey’s book back on the shelf, hopefully giving her more time before the Editors could come after her. He wouldn’t have that same luxury. He was out of time. Fucker leapt into his book and was gone.


A group of Editors burst through the doors into a empty room. It was empty except for the two dead agents and a copy of the Holy Bible lying open on an otherwise empty table.


Chapter 1 is my submission for Wicked Wednesday. This weeks prompt was “Reading”. Click on the wicked Wednesday logo to see much more wicked entries

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Rules To Fuck By- How Nice Do You Have To Be

Welcome back internet cruisers. This is my second installment of what I like to think of as the definitive guide to hooking up protocol, at least for gay men.

th (24)


I’m going to share with you what I believe is the proper etiquette when it comes to responding back to people online. This is pretty hotly debated and many many people think that I’m an asshole for the way I chose to roll this way but i strongly stand by it.

When a guy messages me, or oink’s at me or pokes me or woofs or what have you, and I’m not interested I think it’s perfectly acceptable to just not reply back.

I don’t think you need to message back saying “thanks but no thanks” or any of the variations on “I’m just not that into you.”

I have a few good reasons for this. My first reason is practical. On many sites you only get a limited number of messages to send per day. Whether that’s 10 or 100 I don’t want to waste them on telling somebody I don’t want to have sex with them. My lack of a response is often a response. It doesn’t have to mean I’ll never be interested but it does mean I’m not interested right now.

Or it means I’m busy at the moment . Maybe I’m away from the screen feeding my dog or i might already be finalizing a hook up that I’m pursuing right now. I might come back later and chat you up. I might not.

I could also be so fucked up  that typing is too challenging and hooking up is out if the realm of possibility.

gay superhero

Whatever the reason is that someone didn’t message you back, your best bet is to leave it alone. Assume that they aren’t interested or that they are busy. Maybe message them again another day if you are that interested, but only one more time. The truth is that when you keep sending message after message to someone who isn’t messaging you back you quickly start to look desperate and ultimately pathetic. That’s very harsh but it’s the truth. Don’t do that to yourself. Have more self-respect than that.

There could be a million reasons someone isn’t interested. But they don’t owe you an explanation no matter how much you think you deserve one so ultimately it doesn’t matter. There’s nothing you can do about it so move on.


It wouldn’t hurt to take a look at the shit you do have control over. Are you being ignored because you don’t have a photo (if you don’t have a clear face photo then you’re not going to stand out from all the other dicks and asses.  And pics of you wearing sunglasses arent fair,  everybody looks good and the same in shades.)

Does your profile comes across as mean or bitchy?  Did you leave everything blank? In those cases can fix the problem and you may get the responses you want.

Personally I would rather not get a response than one that tells me “I am not interested in meeting you because of A,B and C. I don’t want to know that you think I’m too old or ugly or what your reasoning is. Not responding is more than enough.

Do not send an angry or hurt message back to the person chastising them for not responding back as fast as you want. You’re not the most important person in the world and you don’t know what’s happening on the other side of that screen. You might be focusing all your attention on the computer but the guy you just messsged might just be casually glancing at his screen while he  lives his life.

There have been so many times when I’ve gotten a message, a follow-up message, that annoying question mark message (???) And a hopefully last message telling me how stuck up or racist or full of AIDS I am.

More often than not I haven’t even seen the first message by the time I get the “Fuck you!  Eat shit and die from eating shit”  message. I’m always thankful I missed their first message and didn’t end up hooking up with such a high maintenance narcissist before they revealed their true douche selves.

The ones where the guy tells me how much I hurt his feelings are even worse. I don’t need that. Don’t put all that emotional blackmail on someone you don’t even know. Find a way to do this without getting your feelings all involved over a stranger.

This may be cold but until I meet somebody I don’t even think of guys online who want to fuck as even being real people. Until we meet they are profiles and pickup lines with dick pics. They could be anybody, which usually doesn’t come close to matching the image you created in your head for them.

This edition of rules may seem harsh but in the long run it could save you from looking like a crazy person and leave you with your self-respect firmly intact.

First Love- the Sinful Sunday Photo

Remember that nauseous feeling in your stomach?

All that awful noise and pounding in your head anytime you were apart?

The desperate feeling of wanting them to stay with you forever knowing you would do anything to make that happen?

Everybody remembers their first love. I still have mine around here somewhere.


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The Porn Clerk Chronicles- A Coke and a Smile

The other night at work I glanced up at the security cameras and noticed some weird movement in one of the hallways of the arcade.  There was nobody else in the store so u went back to check it out.


Our arcade is pretty dark by arcade standards which can either be sleazy hot or just scary. There are a few big booths up front and a little hall leads you to the bulk of the booths, most of which are glory hole booths. In this part there is one big rectangular are with booths on either side and a small dark hallway that goes around them.

I had to walk through the semi darkness to the hallway at the far end before I found what I guess I  was looking for.

In the middle of the hallway, down on all fours was an attractive young black kid. I almost stepped right on him when I realized had his pants around his ankles and was fucking himself with an old fashioned coke bottle.

th (14)

I told him to take it into a booth which was far nicer than I think anyone else would have been.

About twenty minutes later I went back to make sure he was putting money in the machine but he was still in the hallway. On all fours. Fucking himself with a coke bottle.

“What the fuck!?” I yelled at him. “Dude it’s time to go.”

He followed me back out I was assuming to grab his bag and leave embarrassment. That’s what I would have done. He didn’t seem embarrassed. He started looking around at all the large objects like the fists that he wanted shove up his ass.

“Dude you have to go,” I told him. I was kind of surprised I had to tell him although I should know better. You could catch people doing the most fucked up shit and kick them out and they never seemed to want to leave.

“You need to leave”, I told him again.

“What did I do?” He asked. I mean he genuinely acted taken aback that I didn’t want him there.

“What did you do?” I asked incredulously. ” You were fucking yourself with a coke bottle in the arcade hallway and you didn’t move it to a booth when I told you to.”

“You never asked me to move to a booth” he argued. ” If you did I wouldn’t be standing here doubting that you were speaking the truth”

“I don’t give a fuck what you doubt, you need to grab your shot and get the fuck out of my store!” I yelled having lost all patience with him.

He begrudgingly left. Do people have no shame? I would have died of embarrassment but he was still trying to act street thug cool throwing me all kinds of shade.

I went back to at least spray some air freshener because there arcade had a nasty blood smell hanging over it.

After a quick clean up I stepped out  the back porch to have a cigarette. Guess what was waiting for me in the back alley? If you guessed he was back there with his pants pulled down fucking himself with a coke bottle you would be correct.

“You weren’t supposed to come out here,” he explains. “Today’s my birthday.”

“Happy fucking birthday, now get the fuck out here!”